What Difference Does Erotic Massage Make in One’s Life?

One of the many questions that people ask us about erotic massage is, whether it is similar to Tantric Massage. The reality is, yes!! Erotic massage does have a striking semblance to Tantric massage, though with a little difference! Tantric Massage is more focused on giving pure sexual pleasure in its rawest form, whereas Erotic massage is conducted with a more humane approach and does not include any ritual or ceremony. Rather, it emphasizes more on the natural mechanism of arousal, combined with the therapeutic advantages of regular massage.

In other words, when our therapists apply erotic massage in London, they would start with regular massage, which then gradually transforms into a sensual or erotic massage with some enhanced sensuous touches and movements. Therefore, you see, erotic massage provides not just sexual pleasure. Rather, it also offers a holistic development of mind, body, and spirit. It is this holistic approach of Erotic massage that makes a lot of difference in one’s life.

Thus, if you have any misconception about erotic massage, it’s important to get rid of them and take a more rational stance. That’s what we at London Tantric Temple have been doing – making people realize the advantages of erotic massage through an impeccable service.

What are the Health Benefits of Taking Erotic Massage?

When our highly skilled and professional adult massage therapists in Londontouch you, amazing things start happening to your mind and body simultaneously. Remember, the touches are not just arousing or sensual, but they are highly controlled as well. It is this control that does the trick. It is this control that not only triggers off the sensitivity of eroticism but influences the mind as well. Indeed, it strikes the right balance between the mind, body, and spirit, syncing the three in an unputdownable thread of bondage, which makes all the difference.

Doctors, as well as researchers all over the world, are still in the process of discovering the astonishing relation of health and well-being, between sexual arousal procedures. We pride to state that we are home to some of the most exceptional experts who help you experience that outlandish yet, encapsulating pleasure through some ecstatic adult massage in London when you visit us or summon our experts for an outcall massage session.

The massage acts as an amazing natural pain reliever:

Sexual encounter causes increased production of ‘love hormone’ or oxytocin. Touch, backed by intimate stimulation, prompts the body to generate oxytocin. This so-called ‘love hormone’ is released from the pituitary gland. It is accompanied by the release of endorphins, which are our natural pain-killing hormones. While Oxytocin helps us to form strong emotional bondage, endorphins help to reduce pain. Besides, it also significantly increases the tolerance of pain threshold, particularly in women.

Thus, you see, when you take erotic massage rather than a tantric massage in London, it helps you to alleviate chronic pains and uneasiness in muscles, tissues, and even in bones. However, tantric massage is no pushover. It has other benefits of its own, but this is not the place to discuss them.

An adult massage is a great stress reliever as well:

Endorphins act as mood-boosters or stress relievers. Thus, adult massage by our London therapists, which enhances the secretion of Endorphins, goes a long way to reduce depression and lifts the spirit of the recipient up.

It boosts general immunity:

Endorphins stimulate the immune system cells, which fight diseases. Thus, it helps to make the recipient much stronger. It also protects the body from various infections – something that tantric massage in Bayswater is not known to be associated with.

It’s good for cardiovascular health

Researches have revealed that erotic arousal and orgasms influence the body much in the same way as aerobic exercises do. Thus, any recipient who undertakes these adult massages can enjoy burning of up to 200 calories per session. When anyone undertakes the erotic massage from our outcall or in call massage experts in London, it generates higher levels of estrogen, which protects the individual from heart-related diseases.

Thus, opting for a high quality sensuous or erotic massage goes a long way to not only enhance your sexual life but to make your life smoother, healthier and safer.

Therefore, if you are in London, you can visit London Tantric Temple to get this high-quality massage from our experts. If you find it more comfortable enjoying the massage in the privacy of your hotel room, we have our outcall massage sessions in London as well for you. For further details, call us on 020 37738374.