Things to Keep in Mind During Your First Nuru Massage Session

Have you finally decided to try out a steamy Nuru massage session for some ultimate relaxation and wild pleasure? Or is it that you want to try it simply out of curiosity? Either way, you need to keep a few things in mind before you book a session for your first Nuru massage session in Bayswater. You MUST opt for one from the bests who are the masters of this form of massage and what better name can you opt for, than London Tantric Temple?

With years of experience, our exotic massage therapists, riding high on their experience and acumen will simply take you to the cloud nine of erotic pleasure – something that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit like nothing else! But then, as a first-timer, you ought to keep certain aspects in mind, before you proceed.

First, you need to have a fair notion about Nuru Massage. What it is? and what is the difference it makes?

What makes a Nuru Massage Different

There are various forms of conventional massages that relieve stress, which your body accumulates during your daily chores, hustle & bustle. However, the benefits of these massages are limited, as their focus is restricted to certain parts of the body. Thus, when it comes to providing an overall mental and physical relaxation of the mind, body, and spirit, these massage forms are found wanting. This is where Nuru Massage scores over the other forms of massages.

This form of erotic massage involves the use of gel called ‘Nuru’ ( the name is Japanese which means ‘slippery’) and would deal with the entire body, thus giving a holistic pleasure, while the ambience and the subtle moves of the therapists and their enticing postures will plunge your mind and spirit into a sea of unfathomable pleasure!!!  That ecstasy is multiplied many times when the massage is conducted by a seasoned expert of London Tantric Temple!!

How to prepare for your First Session

Before you get yourself to your first Nuru massage session in Sloane Square. For instance, you need to consider hygiene before the session, removing your body hair or retaining them is entirely your discretion. Following basic hygiene is imperative because Nuru massage is all about giving a body to body massage and it’s a very intimate form of massage.

Thus, taking a shower before the session will be comfortable both for you and your therapist. Being comfortable with each other is imperative to attain the highest pinnacle of satisfaction during the massage.

The Benefits…

Coming to the benefits that you enjoy through Nuru massage in Paddington or elsewhere by the best therapists, the list is virtually endless. To start with, since it is an erotic form of massage, one of the significant benefits that you receive, is an erotic pleasure and sexual satisfaction. But Nuru Massage is more than just that. During the massage,  our therapists would pay attention to the entire body, carefully stimulating its every part, bringing in a seamless harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Thus, while in one hand, it causes optimal sexual satisfaction, on the other, it will not only help you to feel completely relaxed but will help you drain out all the anxiety, stress and strain and mental irritation, bringing a holistic mental peace that will rejuvenate your life and clear your thought process like nothing else.

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