The Philosophy of Tantric Massage Therapy – Simplified

Tantric massage is considered by many as a therapy that mainly stimulates the sexual organs. Though it does stimulate the erogenous zones of the body, its aim is something else, and therein lies the philosophy of this type of this form of therapy. Thus, if you are in London and want to learn more about this massage, this discussion can be a good starting point.

Let us now delve into the ideology of Tantric massage or related therapies.

  • Revitalise the ‘Wheels’ of Energy

According to the Tantric philosophy, our body has ‘chakras’ or focal points where ‘wheels’ of energies are situated. Each of these ‘chakras’ has specific features that impact and affect our bodies. 

If they can be revitalised, you will experience positive effects such as the alleviation of pain or related ailments, more energy and overall physical and mental well-being. But most of the time, these ‘wheels’ stay or become dormant, and the masseuse carrying out the incall or outcall tantric massage in London will use certain techniques to make them active so that you get a  positive outcome.


  • Using the ‘Kundalini’ to Invigorate Your Body  

According to Tantra, or the related tenets, ‘Kundalini’ is a potent energy that resides in the body and helps in revitalising the ‘chakras’. In fact, the ‘kundalini’ getting active itself is a remarkable experience.

This latent energy is believed to reside in the pelvic floor, and the masseuse performing the tantric massage in Bayswater and other London areas aim to awaken this energy. To do that, they massage the sex organs.

It is said that the orgasm that is achieved during Tantric massage therapy revitalises each chakra and leads to stress relief and improvement of the body and mind.

  • Curing Ailments

Tantra, though an esoteric discipline, aims to liberate the practitioner. Here, the fundamentals or the teachings that have been laid down theoretically are put to practice by the masseuses performing tantric massage in Hyde Park and other London areas. By doing so, they give you peace of mind and improve the circulation in your body. 

The combination of both of these helps improve health and leads to a faster recovery from certain ailments such as migraine, hypertension, low libido, etc.

  • Establishing the ‘Connection’

In tantric massage therapy in Marble Arch and other London areas, the masseuses aim to connect themselves with you by physically touching you and rubbing their bodies against you (if you permit).

The reason why they do so is that according to the Tantric tenets, one can liberate himself or herself if he or she gets connected with the inner self. But since achieving that connection is difficult, masseuses will touch you externally to simulate the internal connection.

  • Exploration of the ‘Self

Understanding the self is another arduous task as per Tantric principles. But massage therapy based on these principles can help you with this since it involves touching and stimulating the erogenous zones. And for this reason, the masseuses performing tantric massage in Paddington and other London areas follow the appropriate steps.

By exploring the self, you can gain control of your emotions and your physical health, and this brings us to the conclusion of the fundamentals of Tantric massage.

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