The Most Frequently Used Oils for Tantric Massage and Their Benefits

When it comes to carrying out tantric massage, the therapists not only depend on their expertise and experience, but also on the type of essential oil that they use. In fact, the highly experienced therapists are also masters in knowledge about the essential oils and their use, and that plays a pivotal role in tantric massage sessions in London like anywhere else. Indeed, our therapists in London Tantric Temple would have immense knowledge and experience to curate a perfect combination of these oils for your body, depending upon your needs and desires. Let us discuss some of the oils that are used in tantric massage by our experts and their benefits.

Coconut oil….

Coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils for massages because of the high texture and softening and high moisturising capacity that it comes with. The oil comes with a subtle tropical odour and is rich in a number of antioxidants, in particular Vitamin E. Thus, it is a perfect tonic for flaky, dry skin and skin inflammation. It is also a natural moisturiser of very high quality and thus, is the perfect choice for our tantric massage experts in Bayswater, and other places in and around London.

Almond Oil….

Almond oil is extensively used in tantric massage. It is a nutrient-rich oil that works to moisturise, soften, and hydrate the skin as well as hair. The oil is rich in Vitamin A, D as well as E, besides a tantalizing warming effect that helps in the reduction of pain and eases tightness in muscles. The oil does not have any odour as such, nor does it leave any oily residue, and this makes almond oil a perfect choice, for those who would love to have an outcall tantric massage session in Edgware Road on their way back home from work. It saves your dresses from oily stains after all.

Argan Oil….

When it comes to conducting tantric massage on someone with sensitive skin, argan oil is the best choice that our therapists would turn to. This particular oil is heralded for the natural healing prowess that it comes with and is generally applied a little bit hot. The heat supercharges its stimulating and calming effect, which makes the session all the more effective. Of all the oils that are applied during Nuru massage, argan oil is most easily absorbed, and this ensures that the massage will not leave the skin greasy after the session is over. However, due to the natural hydrating properties, the recipient will be glowing. That is why, no matter whether it is an outcall or incall tantric massage session in London or in any of its suburbs, argan oil is one of the most favourite, for our therapists and the recipients alike.


When it comes to relieving people from stress and strain of their daily lives, and giving a fillip to their private relations, and easing relational crises through the application of Nuru Massage, Jasmine is one of the most effective oils that are used by our experts. This particular oil helps in the restoration of emotional openness, counter apathy and lethargy and give a shot in the arm of self-confidence. It is a perfect choice if you want to take your performance up by a few notches in your personal as well as personal life.

Therefore our specialists at London Tantric Temple would use various types of oils to carry out some highly captivating Nuru massage, to ensure you get precisely what you expect! For further details, call us at 020 37738374.