Some Vital Points that Professionals Keep in Mind While Conducting Erotic Tantric Massage

The modern hectic life is taking a toll on conjugal relations between couples. They are losing interest in each other,  the warmth of the relations are going up in smoke and all these are affecting interpersonal relationships in a very bad way. Under the circumstances, what those young and not-so-young couples these days need is a spark that will reignite the fire of passion between them. This is where Tantric massage comes into play. Tantric Massage by expert London therapists goes a long way to revitalise the sense of eroticism, thereby cementing the relation between the couples. Besides, it syncs the mind, body and spirit, thus increasing  the patience and tolerance level of the individuals, and this goes a long way to stabilise rocky relations. 

Now when we discuss tantric massage conducted by quality experts, it’s all about certain moves and techniques that do the trick. And that is where, visiting a reputed erotic massage Salon in London will make th e difference. Apart from making the best moves, they keep certain points in mind and that makes all the difference. 

They incorporate appropriate lighting

Lighting is an extremely important part of erotic massage. Soft and balanced lighting, in a combination of right extent of shades creates an ambience, which influences the mental state of affairs during the massage in a great way. In most cases, the professional tantric massage therapists will prefer massage candles, which not only burn for long, but are generally scented. Thus, besides giving just the right extent of luminance, the Tantric Massage experts in Paddington and elsewhere,  spread an intoxicating aroma that adds to the sensual feeling of the recipient. 


Trying a blindfold 

M mysticism always adds extra spice in erotic massage. Thus, besides keeping it shady and dark, the therapists giving tantric massage in Bayswater at times try blindfolding the recipient. Now this adds to the excitement, thus giving the recipient the chance to get the fullest effect of the massage. Relying purely on touches rather than seeing ‘things’  is always more exhilarating during moments of intimacy. 

Concentrating on the scalp 

If you think that you  can be turned on only by touches in your private and sensual parts, you are wrong. Your scalp is a nice place to fiddle with, when it comes to igniting that ‘fire’ between your limbs. Thus, the seasoned therapists will take on your scalp during the earlier part of the massage session, before venturing into the ‘core areas’ of your body. 


This is the key move of the therapists conducting tantric massage in Hyde Park or elsewhere. While they caress one part of the body – say the genitals, or the clitoris, they do forget the torso. With enough oil that makes the move seamless and twin touches and moves in two different parts of your body, you feel the ‘heat’ pretty fast and it helps you to get the ‘coming’ sensation, which enthralls every nook and corner of your body. But then, since tantric massage is not only about orgy, the therapist will quickly gear up to calm you down before the next wave. Thus you see, multitasking takes you to an ocean of feelings, where waves and waves of sensation fulfill your mind, body and spirit, but none take you ‘over the line’! 

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