Some Embarrassing Questions Regarding Japanese Nuru Massage Finally Answered

Japanese Nuru Massage has always been there…since centuries! Yet! There are a few who would have only a superficial idea about this fantastic form of ancient massage. And there are a few others, who do not have any idea about the massage whatsoever or have certain misconceptions. 

Some of them would consider Japanese Nuru Massage as only an erotic, adult massage with a solitary objective of providing enhanced sexual pleasure and more intense and longer orgasm. This is, needless to say, is a wrong concept, altogether. 

That is the reason many of our customers would bear in their mind some misconceptions even if they are ready to take the Japanese Nuru massage in London from our experts as they feel too embarrassed to ask questions to have their misconception cleared. That is why, we discuss on this page, some questions that our customers may feel embarrassed to ask. 

What is Japanese Nuru Massage? 

Japanese Nuru Massage is a full body-to-body massage, which is conducted with the use of a specially developed ultra-slippery gel (hence the term Nuru is used, which means ‘slippery’ in Japanese), which is generally made up of Seawood. The gel is colourless, tasteless and odourless, and is absolutely safe to use. Often the expert would use a special inflatable mattress or a drop cloth to contain the mess created by the gel.  

It is legal? 

ABSOLUTELY SO!! Nuru massage has been a traditional form of massage that is being practiced for centuries. And all our masseurs offering Nuru massage in Paddington or elsewhere in London are qualified and trained, licensed specialists who have been in the industry for years. 

Does it need taking off the clothes? 

Well, after all, it is an erotic massage, (do not mix it up with other forms of adult massage as eroticism is not the sole objective of this massage) and there will be physical contact between the body of the masseur and the recipient. And both of you will be covered by the gel. Hence, yes, you will have to take off your clothes. However, when your private parts are not being addressed during the massage, they may be covered by a towel, subject to the need of the session. 

Will there be active contact with the therapist?  

Yes! Nuru massage is a full body to body massage and hence, there will be active contact between you and your therapist as she will work out gradually, to guide you to your desired pleasure. However, you are not supposed to touch her disconcertingly under any circumstances, unless specified or asked, during the session. If you break the rule and disrespect the therapist in any way, you may be asked to leave. Remember, they are not escort service providers. 

Our therapists offering Nuru Massage in Bayswater or elsewhere are extremely professional and cordial and will address your needs in the most compassionate and friendly way. They would expect you to help them to serve you in the best way they can. 

What are the body parts to be dealt with during a Nuru massage? 

During the massage, our Nuru Massage specialists in London would take care of every inch of your body in the way it should be. However, they will principally be focusing on the areas, which hold much tension during your mobility. They may include your back, waist, shoulders, arms and legs.

Our lovely divas in London Tantric Temple are immaculately trained in the art of Japanese Nuru Massage and will conduct the massage by using specialised movements and touches even in your sensuous zones to ensure you get the best erotic stimuli. 

However, this stage is not achieved instantly. The therapist will gradually work towards this stage during the outcall or incall massage session in London, to take you to cloud nine of ecstasy. There lies the greatness of our Nuru Massage experts. 

Does it end with an orgasm? 

Not always, necessarily! Well, an erotic massage that ends at the pinnacle of ecstasy is surely welcome, but since the objective of Nuru Massage is not just to give solely sexual pleasure, but a holistic relaxation of mind, body and spirit, and relieve of strain and stress, it might not end with an orgasm. Your holistic relaxation is our aim.  

Thus you see, when you visit us at London Tantric Temple for a Japanese Nuru Massage, you can be sure of getting more than you expect! So don’t wait, if you are stressed out, or if your conjugal life is in doldrums. Call us at 020 37738378 for booking an appointment or any further query.