Some Common Tantric Massage Questions and Answers for the First-Timers

Tantric Massage takes you to cloud nine of ecstasy. There is no doubt about it. If performed perfectly, it is one of the most effective forms of massage that will not only synchronise your mind, body, and spirit but will also result in a wide array of benefits, including improvement of your sexual life. However, for the first-timers, the very concept of Tantric massage spurts up a barrage of questions, and in most of the cases, they either do not have clear answers to them or have a misconception. At times, this lack of proper awareness deters them from taking this wonderful massage, and reaping the benefits out of it. And there are a few first-timers, who would turn out at our outlet to take Tantric massage therapy in and around London with a lot of skepticism. Therefore, if you are looking forward to taking a tantric massage, you need to know the answers to some basic questions that will help you to know more about this wonderful massage therapy.

How to gather courage for the therapy as a first-timer?

Firstly, go through our website thoroughly, as that will give you a lot of information. Yet, there might very well be quite some questions that may remain unanswered. For that, you need to visit our outlet in Bayswater or elsewhere in London. Our experts have the answers to all your queries. They will explain the procedure and the benefits and will help you get rid of any inhibition you might have about this massage therapy. Thus, to gather enough courage before taking a Tantric massage in Bayswater, we would advise you to visit our spa.

What to do and what not, before taking the massage?

Well, there are certain dos and don’ts to follow before you take Tantric Massage.

  • Do not have a heavy meal 1 hour prior to the appointment
  • It is best to receive the therapy in an empty intestine and bladder, and after a thorough shower.
  • If you are below 18, refrain from taking this massage.
  • You must be on time while turning up for the appointment. In case you arrive late, you will have a shorter period unless our Tantric massage therapist in Edgware Road or elsewhere in London has spare time.
  • Yes, during the massage you are supposed to strip. However, your private parts will remain covered. They will only be temporarily uncovered when that part is being dealt with. After the massage of the respective parts is done, they are covered again, and the massage continues.

In which cases you are NOT supposed to take a Tantric Massage?

You are advised NOT to take Tantric massage if you have…

  • An undiagnosed persistent pain in a certain muscle or a set of muscles in any part of your body
  • Burns or open cuts
  • Fractures
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Besides, it is advisable not to take Tantric Massage, if you are pregnant or if you are allergic to massage oils. However, in the case of pregnant women, Veneris massage is recommended, with more focus on orgasm.

Thus you see, if you are a first-timer seeking Tantric massage in Edgware Road, Bayswater, or elsewhere in London, these are some of the basic questions you need to have answers to. So do not delay. Just book an appointment to get the best Tantric massage from the most stunning therapists at London Tantric Temple. Call us up at 020 37738374 for fixing an outcall or incall appointment.