Setting the Right Mood for ‘her’ With the Best Nuru Massage Moves

If you are of the opinion that Nuru massage is only for a man and helps rejuvenate his manliness and give  ‘her woman’ the experience of her lifetime, it’s time to take a fresh guard. Women benefit a lot from Nuru Massage as well, as there are certain moves that help her set the right mood before the ‘real thing’.

On this page, let us discuss the some moves that a professional offering nuru massage in London will make, helping a woman set her right mood. 

The ‘Starter’: 

To start with, the expert will make the woman lie on her face,  dim the lights, light those scented candles and rub an essential oil on her limbs – in a smooth, sliding motion. Almond oil is the best option, in setting the right mood. 

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Getting to the next level:  

Now the nuru massage expert in Bayswater would get to the next level. The professional will move onto the shoulders, and then to the base of the neck, and then down to her arms squeezing the fingers and thumbs. And then, the expert slowly finds the backup to the neck, and down to the back, in circular motion.. And then further down, to calf muscles and heels, and then up again along the length of her ribs and her spine. 


Caressing her hips: 

Her hips and the adjoining areas are one of her erotic zones. More so dealing with her buttocks will turn her on and would send a very sensuous message for perfect romantic foreplay. The moves would include placing the hand on her moulds and massage in a circular motion. As the mood is set, and the receiver is turned on, the expert will realise it and slowly increase the pressure and quicken the rhythm, using the thumb  and pushing it up. 

Turning More Adventurous

Stroking the thighs & calves  and caressing them with fingers, is another way of turning her on. And then, the hands move on up to her breast, striking them slowly, building up more pressure, rubbing them, bringing them together and finishing off by tickling the nipples. The right ways of fondling her breasts will take her to cloud nine of eroticism.

Taking the sensation to next level 

Now that the expert offering outcall massage in London will slowly get down to the abdomen, further down, to ‘that spot’, and its adjoining areas, to guide her climax. Rubbing the clitoris and the valva, moving up and down the lower abdomen will also do a world of good. 

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While dealing with this entire erotic zone, the expert offering Incall Nuru Massage in London, will constanty interact  with her, in the most intimate way, helping her reach the wildest and the most prolonged orgasm, repeatedly. 

Thus, trained nuru massage experts in London can use their experience to come up with moves that will turn a woman one, if she finds wanting in getting to the right mood, with her partner. For that, an expert from London Tantric Temple should be the right choice. Call us to fix an incall or outcall appointment.