Preparing for an Erotic Tantric Massage – Tips that Will Make a Difference

Erotic massage is not only about enjoying sexual healing. It is also about setting up a perfect sync between mind, body and spirit. In fact, as per our experts offering Tantric Massage in London, the three key components of Tantra are mind, body and spirit. Naturally, when it comes to preparing for Tantric massage, you need to prepare yourself on all these three fronts. Only a perfect mental, physical and spiritual preparation can help you make the most of your tantric massage session. 

It is important to keep in mind that the very path of Tantra is both sensual as well as spiritual. Thus, the ideology of Tantric massage is thus, to explore sensuality as well as sexuality through some specialised touches and movements. However, for that, the experts need to prepare their clients in the right way to make the most of the massage. The idea to create the desired mental and physical openness and get the mind, body and spirit ready for the erotic and cosmic energy that the massage will unearth from within. 


Anticipatory Contemplation

This is a preparatory step, when the client needs to spend a white in a meditative state of mind, during which, the client is supposed to feel the goodness and the power of the mind within. This can be performed in a seated position, with arms relaxed at the sides. The erotic massage therapists in London would ask their clients to visualize the hand of the therapist fiddling gently with various parts of their body, starting off with your back. 

This will help your mind to open up the actual massage, and help you get easy with that feeling. This visualisation exercise helps to make the most of the massage, by helping get rid of the mental barrier between the massage therapist and the receiver. 

Chakra Balancing

This is another preparatory exercise that is best performed in nude and is all about releasing the Sacral Chakras, Heart and Root Energies. Our Tantric Massage experts in Bayswater would suggest performing this nude in a standing position, putting the left hand on your heart, to open the ‘Heart Chakra’ to address love and intimacy and place the right hand on between the penis and the anal opening to release the ‘Root Chakra’.

The next step is to place the right hand on the penis and stroke it gently, and visualise the moves, till it gets aroused. This is to open up the ‘Sacral Chakra’ to address sexuality. This visualisation exercise will leave the clients perfectly aroused, setting up the right mood for the massage. Remember, the objective of Tantric Massage is not to obtain orgasm, but to awaken these chakras and guide the energy move through the entire body. 

So, when it comes to Tantric Massage in Notting Hill it is more about mental preparation than anything else and when you visit a reputed massage therapist, she will assist you to go through these simple yet very important preparatory steps that will make you fit for the session – mentally and physically. 

Therefore, if you are planning to get some sensual massage in London, get to one who will guide you through all these preparatory steps. What better name can you think of than London Tantric Temple? Call us at 020 37738374 today, for an appointment.