Postures and Movements in TANTRIC MASSAGE – You Gateway to Hedonistic Heaven

“Tantra is a pathway, not just to sexual ecstasy but to personal healing and fulfillment.”

  • Andrew Barnes

This is what we at London Tantric Temple are EXCELLENT AT!! Indeed, we are just a call or visit away for this erotic extravaganza.

When you have one of our Tantric or Nuru massages from a general well being and all round health point of view it is super beneficial.

You will find having regular massages has a ripple effect throughout your whole life, with your relationships; personal and professional.

You will get a better nights sleep after a good massage and just generally feel more calm and balanced.  Also when you have one of our delicious Tantric Massages or of course Nuru Massages you will find your body moves up into the next calibration on the vibrational level and those pleasure endorphins will flood your body.

Experience seventh heaven in erotic pleasure and perfect harmony between the mind, body, and spirit!!!

However, first things first. Let us give you a little taste of things that you are likely to expect when you have an erotic massage session with one of our exhilarating goddesses.

“A massage that starts on a high and like any good story, ends with a happy ending” –

If you visit any of our infamous Tantric Massage parlors in London Bayswater, your lushes massage therapist will start by Massaging your feet, she will then work her way up to your ankles, calves, thighs using any number of techniques;Effleurages,Petrissage, Friction, Tapotement, Vibration.

Your Tantric Massage Therapist will be nude and using her arms, waist, stomach and other body parts as she leans and reaches across, over and around your body. It is a delicate skill how she uses her body to massage your body as she moves fluidly around you like a dance between heaven and earth.

She will then reach your buttocks and using her hand, elbow and breast massage your buttocks.

The Body Slide Massage,

At this point your massage therapist will raise herself above you, straddling across your buttocks, she applys the oil sensually to her body and starts from the base of your spine slowly gliding up your body with her soft sensual beautifully sculpted physic… slowly, intensely & intimately.

She will glide up, down and around you naked in a what’s knows as ‘body2body massage’, you will feel the warmth of her breasts and the softness of her breath in your ear and down the back of your neck as she moves back and forth. Imagine the unbelievable pleasure in fact you cannot unless you have experienced it, you cannot imagine anything as close as this to heaven.

Sweet tingling shivers, a fusion of sensations shooting from your tip to your toe as your auras merge into one.

Then in the perfect masterstrokes of a Tantric Massage professional in London, she would place her hand on your chest and go back to your spine as her soft breasts caress your mid-back. She will put her hands below your armpits and pull them up to the spine.

Once she has completed her beautifully choreographed body slides she will massage your hair and scalp and complete your back with some long sweeping FEATHER STOKES…sending you wild with desire…and then, guess what? its time to turn over and experience your Tantric Massage facing upwards.

This is the moment you meet eyes with your stunning sexy Tantric therapist,she will continue to massage your head, your face, ears and shoulders with her well toned hands. At this angle you will look up and see her breasts directly a sight to behold or utter feminine beauty. The divine beauty of the female body is a sight to be-hold.

Your Talented Tantric Massage therapist will then move down to your chest and abdominal area, circling, caressing kneading and sliding with her expert motions.

You will at this point find your chakras are vibrating at an all time high. This is where your super-skilled therapist will smoothly glide around to your feet; massaging your feet, ankles, thighs, and working her way up to your more intimate areas and base chakras.

Eager already. to know what comes next?? A-haa!!! We stop here in our journey on the gateway to heaven.

Call the most professional adult massage agency in London today to embark on your own personal journey. Just call us at 02037738374 to book an outcall or incall massage appointment, or visit our Massage Parlors in London for one of the most erotic Tantric Nuru massage sessions available in London. We will deliver nothing but the best.!