In Search Of Heaven…? SLIP into Our World Of RAPTUROUS NURU MASSAGE (Call: @ 020 37738374)

Your Senses Are The Way To Your Erotic Experiences

… And to titillate those erogenous senses London Tantric Temple” welcomes you into a new world of unmatched sensual NURU massage to “Boost Your Sensual Pleasure, Improve Your Wellness, Vitality, and Impose Numerous Health Benefits!”

Enticing- Pleasurable & Excitable: – Our Seductive, Intelligent & Highly-Skilled Nuru Masseurs Are Revered In Delivering Sessions Which Heal & Nourish!

Adopted by the native soap-lands of Japan (and further perfected) by our gorgeous masseurs; Nuru (a Japanese term for ‘slippery’) is an intoxicating and erotic form of massage which known to improve your overall vitality and wellness.

On booking a session; our intelligent, well-versed and loin-stirringly hot masseurs will use their perfect bodies to work all over your naked body. With arousing rubs and extreme physical contacts, they will generate intense aphrodisiac sensations.

A special kind of Nuru (slippery) gel is used in such sessions primarily created with grapefruit extract, aloe vera gel, water and other ayurvedic botanicals to provoke un-paralleled pleasure and make it easier for everything to flow!

Our experienced Nuru massage goddesses serving across London have one main objective- connect with their clients on all levels and awaken their primitive instincts. With an attempt to incite those carnal passions (lying dormant inside every man) they know how to adjust their body’s rhythmic movements, passionate rubs and amorous touches for maximum pleasure, relaxation and nourishment.

As there is no better way to sensually heal a man, our skilled divas will scrub against their client’s slippery bodies right from toe to head, till the point they burst-out in pleasure.

Other Than Appeasing Your Erotogenic Senses- Our Skin-To-Skin Nuru Massage Sessions Also Bring About These Health Benefits!

  • “It Relieves Stress”

Our pleasurable NURU massage treatments also help relieve stress. Our beautiful masseurs offer delightful skin-on-skin contact to not only makes your juices flow but to make you feel totally relaxed from top-to-bottom.

In fact, around 80% of our clients who tried our sessions felt considerable improvements in their mental health. Some even claimed to feel reborn after their session, full of life and full of confidence. Try for yourself, and you will feel the same.

  • “Helps Relax Your Sore Muscles”

The daily hustle and bustle of life can always take a toll on your muscles. If you happened to be plagued with muscle fatigue, then our Nuru masseurs will help alleviate pain and ease those sore muscles along with giving you a sensual indulge unlike any other!

  • “Eliminates Body Toxins”

Another noteworthy perk of our erotic Nuru massage treatment is it helps eliminate all existing toxins from your body. The seductive body-against body rubs will help rejuvenate the skin cells and flush out all the impurities.

However, to make the sessions more relaxed, we recommend drinking plenty of water, both pre and post the session.

  • Makes Your Skin Moisturised & Supple”

The odourless, tasteless and strain-free Nuru massaging gel used during sessions makes your skin supple and moisturised. Plus, the antioxidants present in the gel feed the skin positively.

Our Japanese Nuru massage package in London starts @ £90 for 30-mins. So call us whenever you wish to rejuvenate yourself.”