Essence of Nuru Massage that You Must Know Before You Book a Service Call

There are first timers who would call us to book a Nuru Massage without really knowing the real purpose of the massage, or with a lot of misconceptions in their mind. Some may even be naïve enough to think Nuru Massage, to be just another kind of adult massage with a fair amount of sexuality. All these are misconceptions. Well, nuru massage does come with a sexual element, but its real purpose is ensuring overall mental and physical well being and sexual wellbeing is just a part of it.  Let us discuss the essence of the Japanese Nuru massage in London that our therapists conduct. 

Removal of toxin from the body: 

This is one of the main objectives of nuru massage. It is quintessentially an advanced form of massage, which would help purge your body from the toxins that it has accumulated over time. Technically speaking, it would stimulate your body to release those accumulated toxins, thereby saving you from their short and long run harmful effects. Now the extent of the toxins that will be released will depend upon the expertise of your Nuru Massage expert in London. That’s why, opting for a quality expert always helps. The professional will help eliminate all the impurities of your body, release stress along with, and help negate the hormonal imbalance. 

Release of Stress: 

During our outcall massage sessions in London, our therapists would help relieve muscular tension, and at the nerve endings, more so on synaptic edges with specific Nuru massage movements. This not only heightens the sensual feelings, but also relieves all the stress and tension from the body. When the body remains too much stressed, the muscles and the mind remain stressed alike as well, thus resulting in sleep deprivation. This is where our nuru massage will go a long way to provide mental peace of mind, body and spirit. 

It smooths your skin: 

Nuru massage has its share of cosmetic benefits as well. It is known to be an excellent curative for various skin problems and bruises. The Nuru gel that is used by our experts in outcall or incall massage sessions in London comes with certain properties that soothe and smoothen the skin. The gel would replenish the skin by absorbing to skin pretty quickly, making it soft, bouncy and smooth. It will also give your skin a sense of health and comfort. 

It provides intense sexual satisfaction 

Now finally, let us come to the most interesting part – the one that our customers will focus more on most of the time. Indeed, Nuru massage has gathered all its fame and accolades for being one of the most effective sensual therapies. Certainly the sexual encounter that takes place between our expert and the clients does not amount to penetration. Still our sessions are designed in such a way that the clients would get ultimate sexual satisfaction, through an intimate exploration of their body by the expert. This makes it the best form of erotic massage in London. It will enhance your sexual energy manifold, and help you have an active sexual life. 

Thus you see, the Nuru Massage that we offer at London Tantric Temple is not all about sexuality, but a lot, related to your overall well being. Call London Tantric Temple at 020 37738378 for an intense session with one of your favourite experts.