Chakra Balancing

Benefits of a Balanced Chakras with Lola


Chakra balancing with Lola

By Lola, read what Lola says she thinks the benefits of having your Chakras balanced are!

One of the major benefits of Nude Massage with Lola is getting your  Chakras balanced and the energy free flowing.  Chakras are and integral part of the belief system that is associated with Tantric Yoga. It is necessary to have these energy centres balanced to avoid the build-up of negative energy in your body. When it is released, you feel more balanced and relaxed in your mind and body. When the chakras are not aligned or balanced, it can lead to physical and spiritual illness. You may experience pain or stiffness in any part of your body. Having a massage with Lola will ensure that you get your energy levels recalibrated and Chakras balanced.

Lola says It Improves your overall health and well-being.

A balanced chakra helps to improve your overall health because you are releasing energy that has been built up for a long time. A Nude massage whilst in London in with Lola, ensures you have a balanced chakras, thereby improving your overall health.

It helps you to develop a positive attitude

Balanced chakras help you to develop a positive attitude towards life. When you go through difficult satiations, you will have the strength to face your challenges and still have a positive attitude towards life. If you are having a bad day, give us a call and ask to make a booking with Lola and get one of her signature Chakra balancing Nude Massage sessions.

It is beneficial for your spiritual health

Most times, people focus on their physical health, and they overlook their spiritual health. Spiritual fitness is essential to remain positive in the world. Most times, our spiritual life also affects our physical experience. So, it’s essential to be spiritually fit to ensure you have a positive physical experience. Chakras are the link between the spiritual realm and the physical body, and it needs to be balanced to ensure proper balance in the human body.

It removes bad energy stored in the body

Balanced chakras can help you live a healthy life by removing bad energy stored in your body. It also ensures you are emotionally and mentally fit. By removing bad energy from your body, you increase your chance of expanding financially, and you have better relationships. It removes harmful toxins from the body, and it ensures your body is in good order.

It allows you to know your inner self

When you get your chakras balanced, you know your inner self more. You become more conscious and self-aware of your emotions and body. You are also able to achieve your aim in life. A balanced chakra helps you to identify your true potential and achieve your true purpose on earth.

 It helps to make your relationship stronger

It is a great way to relax, and you become more open to people’s feelings. With the release of bad energy, you can relate easily with others and be empathetic towards others. For married couples, it allows you to understand your partner in a more intimate way. Lola also does couples massage and chakra balancing.

It improves your life.

Having balanced chakras helps you to care for your mind and body. You can addresses all issues with Lola before it overwhelms you.

It improves your sleep

A balanced chakra involves the removal of bad energy from your body. It helps to ensure you have a deeper sleep at night.

It helps to control your emotions and increase your level of patience.

A balanced chakra helps you to control your emotions leading to improved patience. With that, you can heal your emotional and mental issues effectively.

It removes harmful toxins from the body

A balanced chakra ensures proper blood circulation in the body leading to the removal of waste and toxins from the body. The toxins are removed through the lymphatic system. It protects the body from diseases that can compromise the normal functions of the body.

It leads to an increase in energy and brighter moods.

You will begin to experience an increase in your mental and physical energy, leading to a more cheerful and brighter mood. It reduces negative feelings and moods. After a treatment with Lola you will have that spring in your feet lasting for days.

It reduces stress and anxiety

A Nude Massage London is known to ease stress and promote relaxation, and that’s one of the benefits of a balanced chakra. It is a great way to keep stress in check. It also helps you to cope with anxiety. When your muscles are relaxed and negative energy is removed from your body, you begin to experience low-stress levels.

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