All About Yoni Massages

Women have more erogenous zones than men, so a Yoni massage is intricate. This tantric massage provides mental liberation for women, which is achieved by applying strokes and exciting her. As in the lingam massage, which is the tantric massage for men, an orgasm is not the objective, but a desirable result.

In the yoni massage involves a body that has more erogenous zones, start performing massages and caressing the abdomen, breasts and thighs of your partner. This should be naked for both people and lying in an intimate atmosphere with soft lighting and background music.

To prevent vaginal dryness which can cause irritation you can use oils or lubricants during yoni massage. With their help the yoni massage, vagina caressing, making circles and sinuous movements will be performed more easily, these in turn excite the female. Once the flow of the couple allow more movement can continue stroking the inner lips, very carefully.

One thing about yoni massages that is unusual is that it allows the woman to touch and caress her breasts while massaging your partner and slowly introducing your fingers inside her, stroking the inside of the vagina . During the massage we modify the speed and intensity of caresses, thereby controlling the excitation of the woman.

The Sacred Point of women is the so-called G-spot, very important in the yoni massage. To reach it, turn the hand, placing the palm up, and insert your middle finger into the vagina. The sacred spot is a spongy area that can be detected by a finger by the difference in texture. Once located gentle circular motions with your finger should be applied.

At this time the woman may have an orgasm. If so you should maintain gentle to maximize the length and enhance the excitation, while the couple engage in eye contact indefinitely.