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Your Unique Tantric Massage Journey

You have probably heard a little bit here and there about this amazing phenomenon Tantric Massage and be somewhat curious if not dubious?

What is unique about a tantric massage and what is different from a regular massage, I hear you ask ?

A regular massage works more on the physical tissues, were as a Tantric Massage works in unison with the mind, the physical body and the spirit.

You will embark on voyage of very personal discovery a gateway into experiencing every sensation, every touch, every breath, every noise in a powerful and transcendent journey.

Entering these states helps us to raise the energy through our body and creating profound feelings of raptous pleasure, connecting with the higher conscious.

There are other conscious levels we can reach, sometimes we are bound by what we can see and touch, but there is much more, you cannot see the molecules that hold your body together, yet we know they are there.

The chakras are vortexes of powerful energy, and through tantric massage we can tap into these and re align ourselves bringing around a feeling of balance and wellbeing that can last after the experiences for day maybe weeks.

There are many interesting and creative tools a therapist can use such as a variety of transformative touches, butterfly kisses, large soft feathers, hot silky skin on skin.

Some Body2Body sliding and gliding may be enveloped into your journey a luxurious feeling of mutual pleasure.

Tantra practitioners work with mothers nature’s most powerful energy, our sexual energy the practitioners will work on ways of guiding us into harnessing and creating channels of flow. This is an extremely effective tool in helping men with premature ejaculation issues, learning tantric techniques can help them become fulfilled lovers.


What is a Tantric Massage?

What is a TANTRIC MASSAGE and why is it different from any other massage you may ask? There is a phenomenal difference, holistic massage is bodywork, it works on the muscle and tissue, it is relaxing and good for the physical body, which in turn helps to bring calm and relaxation to the mind.

However Tantric massage is different from any other massage because it encompasses all facets of our being from physical to our subtle energies, re energising our very life force. It was used thousands of years ago and is an art form handed down from generation to generation evolving and expanding in its capabilities.

Tantric Massage is a gateway and practise used in Tantra. Tantra is a life path and a spiritual philosophy that entwines deep spirituality with sexuality as the highest form of sacred worship and divine connection with the universe.

A Tantric Massage performed by a trained Tantric therapist is different, why? What makes someone a Tantric massage therapist and not just a massage therapist I hear you ask? A Tantric Therapist is someone who practices the art of Tantra himself or herself, this would mean they understand and honor the principles, they lead the life by these disciplines, they meditate and connect with their higher self.

Tantric therapists work on themselves their own emotional issues making them able to not just listen but hear others and guide them in a greater cosmic meaning. They train their mind and strive to live constantly embracing a ‘present state’, this enables them to really feel with their fingers, when they touch and connect with another being, they are able to put their full heart and mind into that connection, they are able connect with natures most powerful natural energy, orgasmic energy, harness this energy and channel it to creative positive effects in life.

A tantric therapist will have full understanding of their chakra system and be connected to the Earths cosmic energy, they will be able to heal and balance using natures elements such natural rocks and crystals. They will have extensive knowledge of meditation techniques, breath work and ancient tantric techniques in the erotic arts.

When you receive a tantric massage by a trained and experienced tantric therapist the session will not be just massage, it will be an incredible journey encompassing all of your senses physical and emotional.

The sessions are intuitive depending on the individuals requirements, it could be learning about tantra and starting with meditations, experiencing the different levels of energy one can release through breath and meditation, moving onto a journey of pleasure by the body experiencing a wide range of sensations stimulated for example by hair, feathers, touch, breath, body to body, warm oil, kisses, the realms are endless the possibilities universal, every fantasy can become a reality. Passion knows no bounds.

Tantric Massage Therapists

A Tantric Practitioner is a therapist who’s personal vocation in life is to follow the enriching path of Tantric teachings, to constantly learn, expand and evolve.

They will share this experience and knowledge with you and no 2 treatments are the same, they are all intuitive journeys

Tantric Treatments can entwine erotic touch with meditation and visualisations.

Tantra Teachers

Tantra teachers Study Tantra over a period of years as a personal path of growth and discovery. They have experimented, travelled, experienced and evolved in the essence of Tantra. If you wish to learn Tantra as a spiritual path we advise you to book a session with one of our more experienced Tantra teachers. They are happy to work with either individuals from any walk of life and lovers who wish to develop a higher and deeper intimacy. You can have individual taster sessions or embark on the levels unpeeling the layers away over time. Tantra cannot be learn in 1 or 2 sessions, it is a long and beautiful unwinding path that can expand throughout years bringing you more enjoyment, pleasure, meaning and fulfillment in your entire life.

The London Tantric Temple has been one of the most successful movements in Tantra with a wealth of experience stretching over a decade.
We offer small workshops across Europe, If you are interested please ask any of our friendly and helpful receptionists. xx