A General Guide of Japanese Nuru Body to Body Massage

Before we discuss the technicalities and nitty-gritty of Japanese body-to-body Nuru massage, let us explain what it is. Nuru massage is a particular form of body-to-body erotic massage. The masseuse will apply the oil to their own body as well as yours and slide up and down your body. Hence the name body slides. As you both slip and slide together she will nimbly maneuver herself around your body with the most athletic and seductive erotic techniques. You will feel utterly seduced by the pure divine ecstatic pleasure sensations rippling through your whole body.

The Japanese Nuru Gels is a special type of ultra- slippery colorless, odorless, and tasteless gel, which is essentially made from the leaves of the Seawood plant. 

The recipient of the massage simply relaxes while the therapist passionately slips and slides all over his or her body, including caressing the sensual zones. This is an incredibly intimate and exciting experience for individuals. The therapist will use a wide range of erotic massage techniques within the treatment, all expertly combined with the body-to-body erotic massage body slides. 

London Tantric Temple is home to some of the best experts, who have developed an unique style offering some highly intense Japanese Nuru massage in London signature moves. We guarantee that when you leave you will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenate. Your libido will be renewed and your energy levels vibrant and buzzing. Nuru Massage raises your sexual energy thus releasing all of nature’s pleasure hormones. You will find that you feel more energetic, creative, passionate and generally happier for days to come after your treatment. Getting regular Nuru massage treatments help you live a happier life.

What is this massage all about? 

The entire process of Nuru Massage can be segregated into certain steps..

  • Preparatory Steps (which may include the recipient enjoying a shower with the therapist before the massage – this helps to create an intimate and playful bond between the client and masseuse)
  • Body-to-Body massage
  • Sliding and kneading 
  • Vibration 
  • Effleurage & Petrissage

Our highly experienced specialists conducting Nuru Massage in Bayswater or elsewhere in London would follow all these steps religiously to ensure you get the fullest satisfaction and the desired results at the end of the session. 

Well, if you think that every Nuru massage session would result in an orgasm, you are wrong. There is no hard and fast rule that every session has to end with an orgasm, but if you reach it, it will be considered an added pleasure you get from the process. 

The objectives of our Nuru massage session in Sloane Square or other parts of London vary from one recipient to another, with each recipient having unique goals to achieve through the massage. However, when our therapists conduct the massage, they remain honest and transparent and would address your issues with professionalism, and that makes our sessions so enjoyable and invigorating. 

Before getting on with the session, our experts would converse with you to identify your issues and apply the best and most adequate techniques to alleviate the problem most effectively. 

What are the Advantages of A Healthy Nuru Massage Session? 

The first and foremost advantage of our quality Nuru massage session in Bayswateror elsewhere in London is that it can be conducted on every person irrespective of their health or physical condition. The term ‘nuru’ is derived from the colorless slippery gel that is used during the massage. It is extracted from a sea plant, which does not have any taste or aroma. The gel is absolutely safe and hence, even if you are prone to an allergic reaction, you can be dead sure that our Nuru massage is safe. The gel is absolutely free from additives and hence, will not have any adverse effect whatsoever. Thus, it can be applied to everyone, irrespective of his or her medical background.  

Besides, once you get to us to have a Nuru Massage session in Edgware Road or in our other outlets in London, you enjoy the following other advantages….

  • It rejuvenates your energy level 
  • It stimulates the circulation of blood
  • It does a world of good to your emotional well being 

Thus, if you are weighed down by the pressure of your hectic life, and if the warmth of your conjugal life has nosedived, take the advantage of our outcall and incall massage sessions in London. Our therapist at London Tantric Temple will do whatever it takes to rejuvenate your energy level and add new meaning to your life. For further details and book an appointment, call us at 020 37738374.